Job At Airtel Nigeria: Head Fruad management

The successful candidate's responsibility will be to:
1. Manage the monitoring of telecommunications services and electronic interaction for any misuse as defined by the NCC, Airtel policy and GSM regulations.
2. Enhance the awareness of fraud in the organization.
3. Develop training programs for fraud recruits and ensure fraud awareness is carried out within the organization on a quarterly basis.
4. Develop strategies that would help in the detection/reporting of fraud within the business.

Duties and Responsibilities: Fraud Management -
• To facilitate the optimization of fraud management system in the daily detection of fraud instances and also implementation of current/emerging fraud risks in detecting fraud /abuse
• To ensure processes and procedures are put in place to prevent fraud and/or abuse of systems and/or accesses in the revenue generating activities
• To minimize revenue loss from fraudulent activities
Fraud Investigation & Awareness -
• To supervise in the carrying out detailed investigation, to detect and to report on findings of each case and providing relevant recommendation to aid management decision making, whilst ensuring there is NO Breach of regulations during any investigations
• To ensure staff and/or internal /external customers are aware of the functions of the fraud unit and the impact of fraud on the business and the staff

Risk Asessment & Mitigation -
• Pre and Post-launch risk mitigation for all new products and services launched within Airtel Nigeria
• Review & follow-up of gaps in compliance impacting new product and services launched
Regulatory Compliance/ Disclosure of Subscriber Information -
• Ensure Airtel Nigeria is in full compliance with all the local disclosure principles and also represent Airtel Nigeria in external/Internal Meetings (CEIR, KYC, etc.)
AA14 roaming compliance -
• Ensure compliance with GSM roaming procedure and NRTRDE
• Ensure all roaming related rules are captured on the FMS

Skill & Competency Development
• Identify & develop training program based on new GSM and Regulatory initiatives

Vacancy closes 1st September 2016

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