Network with Yuandong: 240 Reasons Why You don't Need to Work for Somebody

Being your own boss depends on your ability to grabbing opportunities as the pass.
  According to my mentors
Show me a POOR man and I'll show you a man who
P - Passes
O - Over
O - Opportunities
R - Repeatedly.
A man who sees challenges in every opportunity instead of seeing opportunity in every challenge.
Being a MAN is not a title, it's a responsibility. It means you have to answer financially in the
M - Morning
A - Afternoon and
N - Night.

Read carefully and you will realize that as a worker, you have been limiting yourself and at the same time enriching your boss thus making only 1/240 of what your boss makes. So why not push yourself and make 240/240 with the leveraging tactics. You can do it.

So here are my reasons why you don't need to make yourself comfortable working for other people.

  1. Yuandong is Here:
When you have a networking company that pays a daily static payment of #2400, you sure to get nothing less than additional #50k per month without talking to anybody. On yuandong static you never wakeup before your credit alert everyday.
Not to talk of the networking part of yuandong where you earn dynamically up to #400k per day.

 2. You become too comfortable to take risks:
You have a job, which means you have income. You can pay your bills. You have little to save. It's comfortable! You don't need to change anything.? Which means you haven't. You have to push yourself to make a change in a comfortable lifestyle. If you lost you job, you would have no choice but to kick-start your dream in order to have a job and income! So make yuandong your job.

 3. Time is more valuable than money:
Money is something you can safe, something you can get more of (if you know how). But time is fleeting. You’ll never be able to make up time you’ve already spent. So safe time with Yuandong.

4. You’re building someone else’s assets.

When you’re working for someone else, you’re helping them. This is well and good if you believe in the cause and just want to get by in life; but if you want to get rich, you’re only hurting yourself. So build a strong future with Yuandong.

5. You grow too focused on saving for a rainy day:
Saving is smart. We’ve all learned that, and it makes sense. But saving money isn’t helping you make money. Skipping Starbucks and making coffee at home might save you 5 bucks, but did it earn you 5 bucks? If it did, I want your coffee maker! So have Smart income with yuandong.

6. Safety:
We used to think you get a corporate job, you rise up, you get promoted, maybe you move horizontally to another division or a similar company, you get promoted again, and eventually you retire with enough savings in your IRA. If this is the case then you are making a mistake because you are not the owner of the establishment thus you are not sure of keeping your job till all this promotions happen. So invest and own with yuandong.

7. House, car and tourism:

Everyone thinks they need a safe job so they can save up to buy a house, tourism or a car but the sad thing is, it take too many years to save up for this things. I mean if you are working for someone with the dream of having any of this on your mind. So let yuandong safe for you and under few months you will own your house, car, and plenty cash to travel with.

8. College:
Everyone thinks they need to save up to send their kids to college. Depending on how many kids you have and where you want them to go to college it could cost millions. So worry not with yuandong.

9. Fear:
We have such a high unemployment rate, people are afraid if they leave the job they are miserable at, they won’t be able to get a job. So don't be afraid with yuandong.

10. The Work.
Most people don’t like the work they do. They spend 4 years going to college, another few years in graduate school, and then they think they have to use that law degree, business degree, architecture degree and then guess what? They hate it.
But they don’t want to admit it.
They feel guilty.
They are in debt. So succeed with yuandong.

Guys am sorry for tittling this post "240 reasons why you don't need to work for your boss" is as a result of my level at yuandong. I mean the 240 on the tittle is misleading because most readers expected to see a complete 240 reasons but for now am only able to give you 10 reasons but another will surely follow.

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