About and Benefits of Networking with yuandong Investment Limited

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Hello Dear Readers,

This company is new in Nigeria, they are called YUANDONG INVESTMENT LIMITED. "YUAN DONG" translated to English means "Far East "

You Are Welcome to Yuandong Investment Ltd.

The door to your wealth‼️

 The package you enjoy here as a *VIP member* is so Wow!

With reference to the current economic state of our country,  the importance of daily income can not be overemphasized.

 *Yuandong* VIP members earn daily income without hassles.

You also enjoy;
*Low cost*
*High Profit*
*Zero Risk*

My question to you is, since you have been patronizing various online (ecommerce), offline Stores, have any of them ever given you cash to say thank you for doing business with them? NO‼

Here in *YUANDONG*, the company pays you daily for only being a *VIP member*.

Background Of Yuandong Investment Ltd.

The parent company of YUANDONG is FAR EASTERN GROUP in far Asia:

Established in 1949
Headquarters in Taiwan
128 subsidiaries
37,000 staff
11, main stay industries.
22 countries business presence
80 Billion Dollars Assets

Legally registered in Nigeria by Cooperate Affairs Commission. with head office in Abuja.


Yuandong is offering you investment opportunity in their company.

How Do You Invest In Yuandong?

Sign up Now‼ with N240, 000 and get instant gifts too.

Once you Sign up, the company  opens a member account for you which contains:

*Static Account*-      Income
*Dynamic Account* -Income
*Hosing Fund* -      Savings
*Car Fund* -             Savings
*Tourism Fund* -     Savings

Static Income Account:
Money keep dropping daily into your Static Account for 10 months (Phase 1) and for another 10 months (Phase 2).

No referrals is needed to make money daily on your static income account

Lets calculate how much you will earn for just signing up with YUANDONG *VIP5*

You earn N2,400 daily for:
1st 10months that is N720,000

and N8,000 daily for a 2nd 10months that is N2,400,000

Total: N2,760,000 + gifts

This is what you gain in 20 months for *JUST Signing up*  and you can *Withdraw* daily

Dynamic Income Account:
To activate your Dynamic Account  just inform 2 persons about YUANDONG.

*Dynamic Profit*
Earns you up to N400,000 daily

 Earning is 40% commission on team referral

Sign up Now‼️.